What is holistic/natural nutrition?

Decades ago, the term holistic nutrition was barely known. Today, it is part of the lexicon of the nutrition industry, and is a term well recognized within the health care field as well as among the general population.Our modern society is awakening to a new and vital interest in nutrition. This curiosity is not aimed at the traditional dietetic and scientific field. Rather, it involves an emerging sphere of nutrition that encompasses not only the characteristics of food, but also explores the quality of the food source and holism of the consumer. This new area is called “natural nutrition.” (CSNN)

What is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™

CSNN Graduates are dedicated holistic nutrition professionals who help educate individuals about the health benefits of natural nutrition. They are conscientious and well informed about the connections between the environment, toxins, food production and preparation, and the resulting quality of food. Their comprehensive training focuses on science, body functions and symptoms, whole foods and quality food production and processes, natural source supplements, healthy lifestyle practices, and the connections between the body, mind and spirit. (CSNN)

Are the services covered by benefits?

Several insurance and extended health care companies including Manulife, Greenshield and SSQ recognize R.H.N. and NNCP services under the umbrella of "Nutrition Counselling". Karri is a recognized provider through Greenshield and can provide direct billing. Contact your insurance provider to see if you are covered. Receipts are provided for each appointment.


Where you are located?

Karri is located within Rebalance London Naturopathic & Wellness Centre in London, ON. Parking for clients is available at a rate of $2 for 2.5hours. The clinic is open Monday - Wednesday 9:30AM - 5PM, Thursdays 11AM - 7PM and some Saturdays are also available. Karri can arrange Skype appointments as needed.