Live Blood Analysis

A non-diagnostic alternative health modality that provides immediate results through the collection of a small blood sample. The results are shown through the microscope to the screen where you can view right after the sample is taken. Layered Blood Analysis will also be viewed during this one hour appointment.

Various health concerns can be spotted during this appointment such as:

Digestive Problems

Candida, Bacteria, Fungus & Parasites

Liver stress


Hormonal imbalances

Vitamin & mineral deficiencies

Bowel toxicity

White Blood Cell activity

Free Radicals

All appointments will include a personalized protocol based on your results that will incorporate supplementation, nutrition & lifestyle suggestions.

Preparing For Your Analysis

It is suggested that for the most accurate reading you fast for 2-3 hours prior to your appointment. Avoid all solids, coffee, tea, smoking and taking any supplements. Please allow 3 hours after your prescribed medication times when booking your appointment.

Services Offered

Live Cell Analysis - $130 | 1 Hour

Full Nutritional & Live Cell Analysis Consultation Package $230 | 2 Hours

The full nutritional assessment & consultation packaged with a Live & Layered Cell Analysis is an excellent combination to get a full overview of your current health. A full protocol including nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations is also included. Save $50 by bundling the two services together.

Many third party insurance providers cover these services. Check with your provider to learn more.

*Prices subject to change